The World Future Society BC Chapter is based in Vancouver. We are an organization by and for professionals and youth who study the future and prepare for the future by acting today. Although the future is full of uncertainties, an individual can identify possibilities to create a more desired future.

The Chapter’s vision is to provide an interdisciplinary forum to exchange ideas and to promote thinking about the future of six broad themes: Commerce, Earth, Futuring, Humanity, Sci/Tech, World Affairs.

Neutrality on political and social issues is very important to our mission. We respect the diversity of viewpoints represented among the members.

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5 Responses to Welcome

  1. Ann Coombs says:

    Will be out of the country for August 17, 2011. Hope you have a good turnout.

  2. fernande faulkner says:

    as a member of the WFS from 30 years ago when living in Ottawa, I look forward to attend the meetng on the 19th of Ocober and to work towards building a local chapter in Vancouver.

  3. Henga Hoseini says:

    We had a good turnout at our August meeting, hoping the same for the upcoming meeting. Looking forward to meeting you Fernande and Ann!

  4. Daryl Hutchings says:

    I can’t make it tonight (babysitter problems) but I wish you a productive meeting and will look forward to next time đŸ˜‰

  5. Claude Saint-Jarre says:

    Hello Do you know anyone interested in WFS in Montréal? merci! claude

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